Having spent 21 years as both an owner and operator in the franchise community, co-founder David Kim identified a troubling trend, one that was consistently echoed by his peers: there existed a dire need for proven, practical knowledge for building an enduring infrastructure to support entrepreneurs through all stages of growth.

The systems that Ignite Enterprises teach are scalable and the same ones used today in all of David Kim's companies.

Our programs are comprised of seminars, webinars, and one-on-one interaction with our expert faculty, all of whom are current CEOs, Executives and Business Owners, including David Kim.

Contact us today to develop a customized educational program for your business.

Providence Business Learning programs include:

  * Accounting
  * Acquisitions — Buying a Business
  * Auditing
  * Branding
  * Business Planning
  * Construction
  * Customized Metrics
  * Distribution
  * Entrepreneurship 101

  * Financing for Franchisees
  * Financing - 401k Rollovers
  * Financing — SBA Loans
  * Food Safety
  * Human Resources — Building a Corporate Culture
  * Human Resources — Procedures and Compliance
  * Information Technology
  * Insurance
  * Lease Negotiation

  * Legal
  * Marketing for Franchisees
  * Operations — Employee Training
  * Operations — Procedures and Management
  * Public Relations
  * Purchasing
  * Real Estate
  * Social Networking
  * Turnaround


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