For over 20 years, Manuel has worked with and spoken for organizations that want to inspire their people to perform at their best on a daily basis AND help them reach their fullest potential. He has been empowering companies and individuals to leave their mark on the world by discovering their strengths and finding their purpose. He is an expert in performance for both professional and personal development. He provides thought-provoking insight and business success to increase sales, service, performance, and leadership. Manny has generated millions for his clients.

Manny, as he is affectionately known, has been corporate America’s best-kept secret. He has been described as compelling, thought-provoking, motivational, inspirational, and passionate. He has been compared to the industry giants like Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins.

Manny is an experienced and successful businessman, highly respected speaker, consultant, trainer, coach and cancer survivor.
David Kim is the founder of Ignite Enterprises, LLC. Ignite Enterprises offers aspiring entrepreneurs and current business owners the chance to learn directly from David how to grow their businesses while receiving the finest, most comprehensive “over the shoulder” business education ever created. 

He doesn't teach theory. David’s content focuses solely on delivering the practical knowledge and resources necessary for running a successful business. Programs represent decades of experience in creating the systems critical to ensuring that your business is prepared for exponential growth. 

In 2011, his appearance on CBS's hit show "Undercover Boss" drew one of the show's largest audiences to date and resulted in "unprecedented" and "never before seen" web traffic, according to AOL.

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An unforgettable experience that will be talked about for a long time, tailored to your event. This Keynote is an unique blend of humor, content, and inspiration. For over 20 years, Manny works and speaks for organizations that want to inspire their people to perform their best and reach their potential. He is an expert in transformation in both professional and personal development. Manny’s personal and business success has contributed to generating millions for his clients.
Other topics include:

Sales & Marketing
Customer Service

Each Keynote is:

A choice of motivational, high-content or a 
combination of both. 

Filled with rich content that addresses key client 
issues of concern.

Combines Knowledge, Experience and Passion for an 
unforgettable presentations.

The 7 Values that Fuel Billionaire Success

There are 1,011 billionaires on planet earth. What do they know and do that the rest of us don’t? Based on his breakthrough book,Ignite!, David Kim unveils the 7 values that fuel 10-figure success. Chock-full of penetrating personal development principles and profit-boosting insights, David will teach you how he went from a new American immigrant to the CEO and owner of numerous food brands, including: Baja Fresh, Sweet Factory, La Salsa and several others. Eye-opening, transformational, and heartwarming, “Ignite!” will put your audience on a path to big time thinking and billionaire action.

The Art of the Turnaround 

The 5 Power Principles to Boosting Profts, Dominating Markets, and Creating a Freedom Culture 

Businesses are hemorrhaging, profits are down, and layoffs are looming. How can your company survive in today’s brutal business climate? In “The Art of the Turnaround,” David Kim reveals the 5 Power Principles he used to turn the once lifeless Baja Fresh enterprise into the powerhouse Mexican fast casual brand it is today. The perfect keynote for companies seeking detailed solutions to the core problems all businesses are facing, this keynote will give your employees the tools they need to push past surviving and begin thriving in today’s challenging economic climate.

No Excuses in America!

How to Spark Big Ideas, Seize Massive Opportunities, and Generate Billionaire Wealth

When David Kim arrived in America, he was 14 years old, penniless, and spoke broken English. He has been at the helm of some of America’s biggest and most successful restaurant brands. Inspirational, heartwarming, and moving, “No Excuses in America!” will renew your audience’s appreciation and faith in the generosity and genius of America. Filled with hopeful personal stories, David offers powerful lessons designed to energize your employees and remind them of all that is right about American enterprise.

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